links of the week (4.23.10 edition)

As always, the internet provided me with some great links this week.  I am going to share them with you and I hope that you get a chance to look at them.  I found these very beneficial either through inspiration or through rethinking things that I have known for a while.


  1. 9 leadership lessons from baseball by Mark Driscoll.  This provides some great input that I would love to see implemented in churches across this nation.
  2. I thought that there were some great insights in this article about breaking up with a church.  I was glad to have read this when I did to help a friend out in his time of need.
  3. This article was great.  I really want to raise a brilliant kid that is not a nerd but cool.  How to raise a nerd will help.  Thanks to Chris G for sharing this with me.
  4. This is a great video interview with Francis Chan.  If you don’t know, he is stepping down from his church and going off in a new direction.  He is one of the most passionate pastors I have ever seen.  Anything he puts out stirs my soul to serve and love God more.  Please check out this interview.  He is going through a time of searching and he does a great job of conveying that mindset.  A funny part of this interview is that the interviewer didn’t know that he was going to say that.
  5. If you know me at all, you know the tv show Lost is a big deal to me.  Here is a great article on about the show.
  6. Five tips for making ideas happen.  I am not sure how I heard about this blog but I enjoy its insights on how to deliver on what you promise.  This blog is more of a business and computer savvy one but I sparks an interest.  I don’t think I fit in this category by any means but I consider it learning outside the box.
  7. If you blog, here is some blogging advice from one of my favorite bloggers, Anne Jackson.
  8. The website Shrink the Church is pretty cool. It has a bunch of resources for leaders in the church. There are so many things that the church can do better.  Instead of getting larger, lets stay focused on each individual person.
  9. Holly Furtick is the wife of Steven Furtick, who is the pastor of Elevation Church.  To me, she is communicating a lot of great truth over at her blog about what being a pastor’s wife is like.  This is a recent post that had me floored about making sure that I always keep my relationship with God at the forefront of my mind.  I believe that this post not only benefits pastor’s wives but all Christians everywhere.  Check it out here.
  10. This is my favorite link of the week.  It is Perry Noble, who is awesome.  And it is about excitement.  This is a must read for church leaders.

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