There are many times in my life where I need advice.  Right now, I am at one of those stages and honestly, most of the advice I am getting is great stuff.

The advice that I am getting is actually quite accurate, but honestly, I am struggling to see the timeliness of it all.  The hard thing is that I am getting advice from people whom I respect and have known for a long time which tends to complicate things.

In this situation, I am drawing great comfort from a quote by Ravi Zacharias, who is one of my favorite authors, where he said that “Advice is always good but is only effective at the right time.”

I am truly finding the truth of that in this moment of my life.

To be frank, I am trying to relay these thoughts to you without giving the specifics of my situation, but I’m not sure if I can do that accurately.  So I just simply want to say that with every single piece of advice you receive, make sure that you know when exactly you are supposed to act on that decision even if you know you are supposed to make it.

And just because you need to make a decision does not mean that you need to make that decision right now.  If you can let it simmer for a few days or more, do so.  Because “advice is always good but is only effective at the right time.”


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