links of the week (5.7.10 edition)

I can’t believe that we are already in the month of May.  Time is traveling by so fast.

Here are the links that inspired me this week:

  1. Chase the Prodigals.  One of my favorite blogs is the People of the Second Chance and in this post they are sharing that some who once had dreams are now not living them out.  They are not even trying to do so.  Let us seek them out and encourage them to keep dreaming and keep living as if their dreams are their reality.
  2. Finding the Creative Break.  There are so many times when I can’t seem to get that needed idea that will spark a revolution of thought.  Maybe its because I am trying to do too much.  In this post by Stephen Brewster, he talks about how we need to find that creative break because with it, we can get breakthrough.  Without it, we might simply never reach that fresh idea.
  3. Finding a church facility is among one of the hardest tasks for any church to make.  This post on the Resurgence blog titled 23 factors in finding a church facility shows that “selecting a facility is not simply making a decision about where to gather for corporate worship, [but that] it says something about your perception of God and your congregation.”
  4. 5 reasons you may not be seeing spiritual growth is a great post.  Definitely check it out.
  5. I just heard about this website called Fancy Hands that becomes a digital personal assistant.  Through the website which can link to your Google account, you can set it up to accomplish tasks that you don’t really have time for such as researching a product that you wish to have or finding inspiring quotes to share with your team.  It is quite interesting.

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