write everything down

I am trying to write more and trying to find new ideas that catalyze me to do more and go further in my faith and in my life.

Today, I came across three posts by Steven Furtick on how to turn your ideas into realities.

Here is one, two and three.  They contain some great stuff.

But it is such a simple concept.  Leaders must take every inspirational idea by the hand and keep tabs on it.  We simply must write everything down.

In college, I had a friend who would always carry a small Moleskin journal with him in his back pocket.  He would use it to write down all of his ideas for songs and other creative stuff.  I am starting to follow in his footsteps, finally at 3 years later.

How do you capture your ideas and bring them to reality?


set list for Simple Church Worship Night

I have received a few texts about what songs we did this past Saturday.  Well here is a set list for everyone interested:

Skeleton Bones (John Mark McMillan)
Hosanna (Hillsong – Brooke Fraser)
Jesus Paid it All (Kristian Stanfill – Alex Nifong)
Mighty to Save (Hillsong)
Amazing Grace (my chains are gone) (Chris Tomlin)
Desert Song (Hillsong)
Let Your kingdom reign (Elevation Worship)
How he loves (John Mark McMillan)
Facedown (Matt Redman)
Come Thou Fount (Crowder version)
Revelation Song (Gateway Worship – Kari Jobe)
Salvation is Here (Hillsong)
Heart of Worship (Matt Redman)

saturday night (6.26.10)

Here is more from my eventful weekend:

On Saturday night, my church hosted an event for house churches, organic churches and simple churches.  It has been an event in the making for a couple of months and it went really well.

We rented out a movie theater in downtown Greensboro and had about 4 or 5 simple churches come out.  This whole event started with a conversation about what is missing in the house church movement.

Mike and I realized that one of the key ingredients lacking in the house church movement is a place to worship freely.  This is not a post against worship acoustically.  But it is about being able to express oneself musically in a house church.  This has always been one of those things that I have always missed when gathering in a garage with other believers.

Also another point that I have found lacking in the house church movement is a place to network together with others who are living as the church in the same way.  So why not create something to fill those ideas?

The Simple Church Worship Night was thus born.

We are trying to create a place for people who are seeking to find alternative forms of church.  These are the type of people who don’t necessarily fill that church should be a place where you go to listen to one person speak for an hour.  They want discussion.  Interaction.  Networking.

The Simple Church Movement (tentatively named) is about providing a place to worship with other simple churches and a place to network with those who are living out already.  I am quite excited about being involved in the planning aspect of this movement.  Pray for big things.

What did you do this weekend?

friday night (6.25.10)

This weekend was an eventful one for me.  Almost too eventful.

On Friday night, my neighborhood had a Family Fun Night in which I played some guitar and piano by the pool for the guests.  Then my church set up a screen and projector in a field for a summer movie.

We showed the movie Up.  Great story.  I truly loved this movie.  Pixar is always hitting it out of the park.  I honestly can’t wait to see Toy Story 3.

Lots of people came out for both of those activities and it was a blast.  The drive-in or really sit-in-a-field movie has always been a big outreach for us.  This will be the 3rd summer for us.

I love that a simple idea such as showing a movie in a field can encourage people so much.  There was a lot of comments concerning people’s excitement for the movie.

Also, while playing a song on the guitar, this guy asked if it was a certain band and it was.  Then he gave me a cd by that same band because I hadn’t heard more from them.  I love simple things like that.

More to come about my eventful weekend.

This or that

Some things are better left seen than talked about.  This commercial is one of those for me.

It is the hamster commercial for the new car, Soul.  It has an 80’s rap song attached to it.  The song is one of my favorites also.  “You can go with this, or you can go with that.”

This statement, I believe, is key to understanding life.  Are we gonna go with this, or are we gonna with that?

Which crowd are you following?  The normal one where people get jobs they don’t really like spending way too much time taking them from what they want to be doing or are you going to go with the crowd that is passionately pursuing what it wants at each interval?

These are the questions that I am personally facing at this moment.

So what is your this and what is your that?

a dream is just a step away

Years from now on, I want to see certain things.

Therefore, I am trying to envision what those things are.

But herein lies the problem, I’ve never looked ahead.  I am the type of person who lives in the now.  I always have and it is a struggle for me because I am always weary of setting aside time to figure out my future.  An example would be if I don’t have time for myself now, it doesn’t matter what happens on my Sabbath a week from now, I want to have time now and this leads to many frustrations on my part if I don’t have a time to relax soon.

I’ve never looked ahead to where God wants me to be.  Or where I want to be.

As a kid, I had these dreams of playing music for people all over the world.  This dream was mainly influenced from the likes of Aerosmith and Michael Jackson but it was a vision of the future I saw nonetheless.

So I am learning to take steps to plan toward what I desire.

Currently, I am learning more deeply than ever before that in order to go somewhere, you must first know where you are going and then take steps to get there each day.  And as they say, consistency is the key.

This is a truth that I am being forced to see in most of the things that I am reading and most of the times in prayer.  I need to be focused on where I am supposed to be going and on how I can get there one day at a time.  After all, a dream is really only a step away.

What things help you stay focused on your dreams and goals each day?