the value of a bad idea

I am a big fan of new ideas.  Especially inventions.  I love technology.  And I love the fact that we are always trying to send ourselves forward with fresh ideas.

But take this list of the 50 worst inventions.

What is the value of a bad idea?

I believe it is a whole lot.  One bad idea can be the thing that spurs you on to a great idea.

If the only thing you have to fear is failure, then go for it.

Make some bad things.  Go crazy.  Because if you keep having ideas, eventually you might get one that sticks.

Have you ever thought about how that one guy came up with Post-It Notes?  I doubt it came about because the guy had one great idea that turned into millions of yellow sticky notes.  (In all truth, that guy made a mistake which turned out to be the good idea).

I would say that it came about through a lot of bad ideas.

The value of a bad idea is not based in that idea itself.  But in the future that extends its potential.

Go forth and dream up the dumbest things you can because I guarantee you, something will eventually stick.


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