hot dog

I am a big fan of dogs.  I never thought that I would like little dogs but they have become my favorites.  Big dogs tend to hurt.  They stomp on you and simply pummel you into the ground when all you want to do is walk through the door.  Little dogs can be kicked around and ignored.  (Just kidding, I don’t ignore them.)

Over the past year, Vickie and my Maltese dog, Kate (named after a character on my all-time favorite show which recently met its demise), has been quite rambunctious.  She doesn’t bark.  She doesn’t bite. But she gets…..



Especially while we are sleeping.  We (my wife blames me) let her sleep in the bed with us (usually at the end) but over the past few weeks, little Kate has been pacing around at exactly 1:08 in the morning.

We don’t know why but we either take her outside to do her thang or we put her in her cage.

Not sure why I am sharing this with you but I am learning that we, as people, tend to have no problem putting up with those we love when they do what we want them to do.  And we struggle to love them when they ignore our intentions for them.

It’s a common part of human nature.

But here’s my suggestion for the day – let them be who they are and love them anyways.

As the picture below shows, don’t dress up your dog, just let it be who it wants to be.

They might look cute to us, but I am sure that it hurts their little souls.


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