a dream is just a step away

Years from now on, I want to see certain things.

Therefore, I am trying to envision what those things are.

But herein lies the problem, I’ve never looked ahead.  I am the type of person who lives in the now.  I always have and it is a struggle for me because I am always weary of setting aside time to figure out my future.  An example would be if I don’t have time for myself now, it doesn’t matter what happens on my Sabbath a week from now, I want to have time now and this leads to many frustrations on my part if I don’t have a time to relax soon.

I’ve never looked ahead to where God wants me to be.  Or where I want to be.

As a kid, I had these dreams of playing music for people all over the world.  This dream was mainly influenced from the likes of Aerosmith and Michael Jackson but it was a vision of the future I saw nonetheless.

So I am learning to take steps to plan toward what I desire.

Currently, I am learning more deeply than ever before that in order to go somewhere, you must first know where you are going and then take steps to get there each day.  And as they say, consistency is the key.

This is a truth that I am being forced to see in most of the things that I am reading and most of the times in prayer.  I need to be focused on where I am supposed to be going and on how I can get there one day at a time.  After all, a dream is really only a step away.

What things help you stay focused on your dreams and goals each day?


One thought on “a dream is just a step away

  1. Sticky notes. Sticky notes help me stay focused on my dreams and goals. Put them anywhere you need them, especially the bathroom mirror.

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