This or that

Some things are better left seen than talked about.  This commercial is one of those for me.

It is the hamster commercial for the new car, Soul.  It has an 80’s rap song attached to it.  The song is one of my favorites also.  “You can go with this, or you can go with that.”

This statement, I believe, is key to understanding life.  Are we gonna go with this, or are we gonna with that?

Which crowd are you following?  The normal one where people get jobs they don’t really like spending way too much time taking them from what they want to be doing or are you going to go with the crowd that is passionately pursuing what it wants at each interval?

These are the questions that I am personally facing at this moment.

So what is your this and what is your that?


5 thoughts on “This or that

  1. Love that! My ‘this and that’ is whether I will follow God into what doesn’t make sense (part time job and freelance writing)or try to attempt my own best solution that makes sense to everyone in the world (full time job that pays real money). I’m going with ‘this’. To play a pun on your blog, my ‘this’ is the vehicle for what eternally pays off. : )

    Can we subscribe to the new site or bookmark it?

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