friday night (6.25.10)

This weekend was an eventful one for me.  Almost too eventful.

On Friday night, my neighborhood had a Family Fun Night in which I played some guitar and piano by the pool for the guests.  Then my church set up a screen and projector in a field for a summer movie.

We showed the movie Up.  Great story.  I truly loved this movie.  Pixar is always hitting it out of the park.  I honestly can’t wait to see Toy Story 3.

Lots of people came out for both of those activities and it was a blast.  The drive-in or really sit-in-a-field movie has always been a big outreach for us.  This will be the 3rd summer for us.

I love that a simple idea such as showing a movie in a field can encourage people so much.  There was a lot of comments concerning people’s excitement for the movie.

Also, while playing a song on the guitar, this guy asked if it was a certain band and it was.  Then he gave me a cd by that same band because I hadn’t heard more from them.  I love simple things like that.

More to come about my eventful weekend.


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