eventful 4th weekend

It seems as if my weekends are the reasons for my blog posts recently.

This one was no exception.

On Friday, I had a monthly ritual with some friends.  Poker night.  I doubled my money.  (Don’t worry it’s not an addiction for me, just a fun contest to see how you do – cheaper than a movie).

Then on Saturday, Vickie and I lounged around in the morning.  Then we cleaned Harrison’s room out so that we could paint it.  Vickie and Karen painted the room while Karen’s husband, Mike, and I went out to get the crib.

The crib was my ghetto experience of the week because we tied it to the top of a Ford Taurus with me holding onto the strings (not ropes mind you) that were holding the expensive crib.  No catastrophes thank heavens.

Then we went to a wedding of my freshman roommate, Aaron, to his beautiful bride, Kerry.  I played Jesus Messiah during the ceremony while a hammered dulcimer and guitar player played the pre-wedding.  It was beautiful and outside.

Then Sunday, we had church.  Then basketball in the blazing heat.  Then we went to a drive-in movie (long time coming) to see some fireworks and Toy Story 3.  We decided to opt out of staying for the Twilight: Eclipse movie.

Then on my day off Monday, I mowed the lawn and went to see the A-Team which was awesome.  And put the crib together at night right before finishing out the day with Last Comic Standing.  My favorite comic, Kurt Metzger, didn’t make the cut and I am baffled because of it.  I am not really interested in any of the other contestants now.


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