July 25

On July 25, a few days ago, my wife and I celebrated our one year anniversary.

Wow.  I am amazed how quickly it has flown by.

You see, 2009 flew by for us.  In that one year, we got engaged (February 10), got a dog (April), got married (July 25), got a house (November 30), found out we were pregnant (December 15), and went to like 12 weddings.

2010 has been a less eventful year for us because we have only really had to go through this pregnancy.  (Note the sarcasm).

But overall, I am very blessed to have had such a great time.  I love my wife very much and continue to renew and enhance my love each day.

Here’s to you for many years to come, Vickie.  I cherish you and I hope that I can grow to be the man that you saw in me from day one.  I am so happy to be having a baby boy with you as we start our family of great cute, brilliant, talented, funny, and dimply children.  I love you more each day and can’t wait to see you continue to grow in your love for God and your love for people as we share this journey together.


One thought on “July 25

  1. Happy Anniversary! (You should not request your pregnant wife read these while she’s at work by the way…you know I’m emotional lately!! These kids probably think I’m crazy tearing up over here!) I love you so much more than the day we got engaged…then the day of our first awkward kiss…then the day we got our first baby (Kate…who I know loves you more than me!!)…then the day we said “I do”…then the day we first woke up together…then the day we had our first fight…then the day you came home and I was wearing my veil crying in the closet because we didn’t have a videotape of our wedding and you reminded me of all the amazing moments of that day…then the day we moved in together…then the day we signed our lives away for this wonderful house…then the day my family told me how much they love you and we’re perfect together…then the day I saw that plus sign on that stick and realized we made something amazing together…then the day(s) of this pregnancy that you have shown me over and over how supportive and loving you are…but I’m sure not as much as I’ll love you the day we first see our child…the day I first see you change a diaper…the day you teach Harrison to be a wonderful musician just like his daddy…and so many other things to come that I can’t even fathom them right now! God sure knew what he was doing when He surprised me with our life together. As crazy and hectic as it’s been I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love you so much and can’t imagine a day without you!!!!

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