At church this past week, my pastor, Mike (who needs to update his blog), was sharing with us his thoughts from the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5.  He let us in an often confused and misunderstood word found in the Bible.

He shared with us that the word blessed translates into the more commonly used word: fortunate.

I found this odd.  Fortunate is not a word that I really want to be simply because it brings to mind the idea of luck, which is not really my cup of tea.

I don’t consider someone who wastes all their savings and neglects to feed their kids because they have a lottery addiction to be blessed.  To me, they are fortunate that they won because it was simply dumb luck.  (It makes me mad too because most of the time I go to a gas station and go inside, I have to wait behind someone who is trying to buy their $100 worth of lottery tickets.  In my opinion, they should have to pay up to all who wait behind them).

But I have been thinking about this definition of blessed for a few days and it is starting to grow on me.

Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.

Each of the blessings are situations where bad things are happening or at least highly negative emotions are taking over.  Sorrow, mourning, poor in spirit, etc.  But Jesus says that in those situations we are blessed.  Or more accurately, fortunate.  It is not because of any of our doing but because of what some claim is luck.  Others call it grace.

We have grace from God.  That is why we are blessed.  We are able to be close to him in our time of need.

The greatest thing about Jesus is not just that He died for our sins, but that He looked on us with favor while we were in our sins.

That makes us very fortunate.  We don’t deserve it but we received it anyway.

I have heard it said many times before that “Jesus got what we deserved so that we can get what He deserved.” I like that.  I am glad to be fortunate.


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