The Epic Fail

The last month or so of my life has been a whirlwind.  A tornado of activity, if you will.

We have been getting Harrison’s room ready.  Our friend Karen did a great job painting a tree in the corner while we finished (not really me but we’re married so therefore I’m included too) setting up the room.  This included setting up the crib, the changing table, the shelf, the glider, folding and washing clothes, and procrastinating on sanding/painting the dresser.

Wow.  Looking over this list makes me feel lazy because most of that was done by my beautiful wife during the days that I have been working.

This is what I would consider my failure as a husband this week – not helping out as much as I could with Harrison’s room.  So in honor of, or as a reminder of where I need to grow, I want to start a new segment on this blog.  I am going to call it The Epic Fail.

I invite you to share The Epic Fail that you had this week and we can all rejoice that we don’t have to focus on our past mistakes in order to move forward into our glorious futures.

Your Epic Fail could be as simple as ignoring a phone call or a vastly superior fail of drinking and driving.  We want to know.  Consider this your confessional.  Fill up these pages with your failures.

But just so you know, they will be blotted out soon enough.


One thought on “The Epic Fail

  1. I had another Epic Fail this week. At a wedding of some dear friends, I believe that I read a cue wrong from the wedding director for me to play the song for the bride to walk out on. I don’t know if anyone noticed but I felt bad and simply strummed along for a good bit waiting for her to come out. Sorry, Chris & Nikki if I caused any issues.

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