On August 22, 2010 at 1:10 a.m., my son, Harrison Troy Bunch, was born to this world.

What an exciting feeling that parenting is.  All the worries that I have had over the past few weeks subsided and I realized that it is all going to be okay.  I was worried about how we are going to pay for the extra expenses that he brings as well as all of the nasty diapers that I will have to change.

But it all went away.  I don’t honestly care about those things at all anymore.

He is gorgeous.  He has dimples.  He has a hold on my heart as well as my wife’s.

And since I am now a parent, I ultimately have a new perspective on life.  One that I believe is essential to what God is calling His people to become.

That of the nurturer.  We are to go out and walk everyone to Jesus.  To His love and to his embrace.  This is not something that I never saw before but it is something I do more clearly see now that I have held my son.

All can be summed up by saying – I am happy.  Unbelievably happy to be able to give of myself to my son.  (and to my wife).  But I have been reading a book on parenting and one quote struck me.  Here is that quote:

I betray my children if I put their happiness and comfort over God’s overall purpose in their lives and in our world.” – Gary Thomas, Sacred Parenting, 30.

I don’t want to shelter my son.  I simply must remember that my life is not about small things anymore.  I have a legacy to pass on.

Will that legacy be something as small as a job or a family of disciples who take on the world for Christ, sharing his love and life with whomever they meet?

Here is a pic of my beautiful son smiling.


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