the measure of a church

There are many things that are taking shape in my life right now and I am very excited about all of them but the most productive work for me is going to soon be helping a new church plant.

I will be working in the form of The Everything Guy.  I will be playing some music, leading some youth, working on some communications and promotions, organizing some finances and spreadsheet stuff, as well as doing some good old fashion discipleship.

But I am most concerned with trying to build a ministry.  And I honestly don’t care about the numbers.  I have had a couple different conversations recently with people who have planted a church and they have said unanimously that in order to build a church, you must not focus on building the church, but building a lifetime of experiences on God.  I like this.  I can catch onto this.

But I can’t really measure it out in my mind.  So, this week, I am going to try and write about some ways that you can measure growth in a church if you try and not look at the numbers.

It is not going to be definitive by any standard.  But I am going to search my heart and figure out ways that I am trying to alter how I look at the success of my community of faith.


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