the measure of a church 2

There are many ways to look at the growth of a church but so many times, we simply focus on the numbers gathered in one little service, one hour a week.

This should not be so.  Numbers are not everything.  There are other ways to measure a church.

Yesterday, I stated that I was going to try and write about some ways to measure growth that is not based on numbers.

Here are my initial thoughts:

  1. Measure the percentage of people in small groups rather than how many come into a service. I believe this is the most important one simply because if you are sharing your life with others, it is hard to get over the fact that this is your  family.  You serve with those you love and this is a great first step toward making progress for the Kingdom.
  2. Look at how many conversations happen outside of Sunday morning about God’s work. This one is not really easy to count out but you can tell if people have shared their struggles as well as encourage others if you simply pay attention a little bit more.
  3. Gander at how many people are being faithful in their giving. In our country, some say it is not good to look at people’s finances because it is OUR thing, but many times this is the best way to tell where someone’s heart is.
  4. Focus on the lives being changed, rather the seats being occupied. Who do you see in your ministry who is making a move toward the advancement of God’s mission?  Look at how far people have come and then count your ministry blessed.
  5. Numbers do matter. Numbers do matter simply because people matter.  Each life changed is another reason to rejoice so we should set aside a time to celebrate what God is doing in our communities of faith.  Have a party.  Bake a cake.  Go all out for these.  Count the salvations and baptisms.  One word of caution: prepare for the harvest and do that you can to see people come closer to Christ each day, but don’t obsess over them.  Obsess over loving others.

Tune in tomorrow for a little more thoughts on this topic.


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