I have had many mentors over the years.

I had one who taught me how to read the Scriptures.
One who taught me the basics of personal finances.
One who simply was an encouragement in all facets of life.
One who taught me how to write songs as well as find great music to lead the Church with.
One who showed me so many books to read that I could not even begin to read through them all.
One who simply taught me how to lead my family.

And yet like Steven Furtick, at the beginning of my walk with God, I wanted to have one guy to look up to and mentor me.  I wanted an idol, I guess you could say.

But I realized that no one person had it all.  Each and everyone of us have our flaws and we all can’t do everything perfect so we all need mentors everywhere.  And as Furtick said, “Maybe we should stop trying to find everything from one person and start looking for one thing from every person.”

One thing from each person to teach you.
Take this further and start every conversation by asking “What is the one thing that you want me to learn from you before we leave today?

I have done this with sermons for years now and I am trying to do it with people too.  Not that I can’t learn more than one thing, but one thing is the minimum and that is enough to get through the next few hours.  So go out and find as many mentors as you can and ask them about the one thing that they can teach you now.


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