principles to starting a church

It is a hard endeavor to start a church.  Yet here I go again with that quest.

There are many things that I could focus on but I wanted to write about what I believe are the key principles for starting a church. I have helped to start a church before and I felt that I didn’t do the best that I could have.  I was able to come back and do a little bit more but I simply was unable to do much because I had to devote a more significant amount of time elsewhere.  Also I was unexperienced and not as willing to take risks which is a terrible combination.  I have actually started a couple ministries, one collegiate and one church.  Both of these taught me a lot but mostly through failures of my own doing.  I loved every opportunity that each presented but I feel that God has me in a place now where I can truly succeed with my unique skills because of the humbling that God has brought me to.

But for this post, I just wanted to let you in on what I am going to focus on:

  • The Gospel is the focus
    This is a must for all churches in my opinion.  We need to be preaching Jesus at all times.  He is the reason we are doing this so let’s keep Him at the center.  Simple enough, right?  Well as you know most churches are quite confused at how they live out the Gospel.  Not that they are trying to do bad things, but that their focus shifts just a little.  And that focus shift can be catastrophic for a church.  So I am going to be striving for the Gospel to be the focus.
  • Building up a few men through consistent discipleship
    I want to build a ministry that exists in the lives of a few guys.  I believe that the Church is not reaching many men and therefore, we are not changing the culture.  I desire to spend some time with a group of guys showing them everything I know about God, the Gospel, life, and about leading others to Christ.
  • Showing students that they are not just the future leaders of the church but the current leaders
    This is one where many students fail.  They fail to understand that they can take their generation for God.  It is my job as a youth pastor to see the young people of our church coming to worship God with all that they have and leading their friends to new life in Christ.
  • Worship in a true and unique fashion
    We at 24/7 wish to lead others into worship in a fresh and experiential way that changes lives and supports the ministry of the Word.  We want to express our own stories because we want to convey what God is doing here and now not simply what others are experiencing.
  • Communicating clearly the message of God for serving our community  and building up our church
    Too many times leaders understand what God is telling them but can’t quite lead that into the understanding of others.  I feel that it is part of my job to communicate God’s truth to God’s people in God’s way.  Clearly.  Abundantly.  Audaciously.

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