Principle #1 to starting a church

On Saturday, I started sharing what I believe are my principles to starting a church.  This week I wanted to focus on each principle in a little more detail.

The first is
The Gospel is the focus

I believe that many churches can get bogged down in this because we try to do too many things.  This should not be so.  We should simply focus on one thing.

Nothing else matters.  All else can fall by the wayside if we simply pay attention to this.  My pastor, Tim, is great at keeping Jesus’ Gospel at the center of all that we do and I believe that God is going to bless him for that focus.

In trying to focus on other things, we come to those things with an exaltation that should not take place so we should spend the most time on what truly matters.  After all, 80% to 90% of what we say will not be remembered so why not simply focus on the one thing that matters and communicate it clearly.

There are thousands of ways to show the Gospel so we will not run out of ways.  Let us be innovative in sharing the great and glorious truth that God shared with us to bring us from death to life.


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