Principle #2 to starting a church

On Saturday, I started sharing what I believe are my principles to starting a church.  This week I wanted to focus on each principle in a little more detail.

Today we are going to focus on building up a few men through consistent discipleship.

There are a few things about this one that you might not agree with.  I will try and explain them as best as I can.

  • I will be trying to disciple men, not women.
    I don’t feel that I should meet with women on a regular basis that are not my wife.  This could be naivete or it could be simple wisdom.  I’ll let you decide.  However, I am not going to meet with women on a regular basis.  There are plenty others who can do so.
  • I will be meeting with guys older than me.
    This is not because I am smarter than them but simply because some might not be as far in the Kingdom as I am (as small steps as I have taken).  I will meet with anyone who is willing to learn about Scripture, theology, philosophy, life issues, ethics, and any other thing that will come up.
  • I am simply going to be sharing my life with them.
    I have not worked out all the details, but I am certain that I will be investing time in these mens’ lives because they need someone to walk alongside them to bring them closer to God so that they can bring others closer to God.
  • Consistency is key.
    This is something that I feel is a must.  I want to lead men but I want to lead those who will follow me.  I am not sure if this will be once a week, once a month, twice every month.  But whatever it is, we will be consistently meeting to show each other that we believe this matters because ultimately it does.

What do you the best way to do discipleship is?  What ways do you use?  What kind of actions would someone who is being discipled in the faith want to see?


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