Principle #3 to starting a church

On Saturday, I started sharing what I believe are my principles to starting a church.  This week I wanted to focus on each principle in a little more detail.

Today I wanted to focus on showing students that they are not just the future leaders of the church but the current leaders.

I believe in this one a lot.  Students seem to get a bad rap sometimes.  I don’t think churches do enough to encourage students to serve.  For me, this will not be the case.

I want to empower the students to bring the Gospel to their own friends.  They don’t have to bring their friends to an authority figure in order to lead them to Christ.  They are the royal priesthood of Christ.  They are more than conquerors themselves.

I am not sure how this will look but I want the students to take more initiative than their parents.  Most revivals did not start with the parents but with the kids.  What a glorious example to see the young leading the old to Christ.  Let us unite our generations for the glory of God and the saving of our world.

What ways do you see the youth leading at your church?  How does one grow a youth ministry in this fashion?  Are you aware of any examples of youth ministries living out this principle?


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