Principle #5 to starting a church

On Saturday, I started sharing what I believe are my principles to starting a church.  This week I wanted to focus on each principle in a little more detail.

Today is about the last of the 5 principles that I am sharing with you.  It is communicating clearly the message of God for serving our community and building up our church.

This one is my favorite because it is a new one for me.  I worked on all of the other principles in previous ministry opportunities but communication has never been one of my emphasizes before.  I am not sure why this was but I know that churches struggle with it.  There have been a lot of times in every ministry that I have been a part of where some people were not on the same page.  I wish to get rid of the communication that leads to others being lost.

This principle ensures that we are here to reach the lost but also to inform those who are lost in communication. Sometimes we can say things in a way that we feel is clear yet leave them scrabbling in confusion and a lack of understanding. This should not be.  We need to communicate in a way that all can understand.

I love that God has called me to this position and I know that I will leave others behind at points but it is my desire to speak clearly, abundantly, and audaciously about the work that our church is doing.

Once again, here are my 5 principles to starting a church:

  1. The Gospel is the focus
  2. Building up a few men through consistent discipleship
  3. Showing students that they are not just the future leaders of the church but the current leaders
  4. Worship in a true and unique fashion
  5. Communicating clearly the message of God for serving our community  and building up our church

What would you add or take away?  Any thoughts on any of the principles that you have not yet expressed?  What principles would you emphasize if you were starting a church?


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