My Halloween ritual

It’s that time again.

Halloween is just right around the corner.  Every year, I try and watch some scary movies and enjoy maybe one or two scary books (this year I am trying to read through the Shining and maybe one or two others).  This is a little quirk of mine that I have had since high school.  I don’t recommend it for the faint of heart but honestly I love getting scared because it shows me that this world is not all there is but I know some who cannot handle it so go watch Hocus Pocus if that is you.

The worst year for Halloween exploration was my sophomore year when I saw the Exorcist for the first time.  I talked to many people and asked, especially parents and older people because you know – they’ve been around the block – what is the scariest movie that they have ever seen?  Most said the Exorcist so that is what I decided to tackle the week before Oct. 31.

Quick note about the Exorcist – my dad said that he saw it in college and had to walk about 2 miles home from the movie theater in Boone.  I don’t know if that is one of those 15 miles in the snow stories but it always stuck with me.  I don’t think I could walk 2 miles in the dark after this movie or many others.  He had buddies so that is why I guess he survived.

I decided to do this on my own because my-then girlfriend and lame friends were not up to the task.  I happened to do it on a dark night, and all alone mind you.  Stupid mistake because I have a strong imagination and things started making noises around our house and I started to see things and hear things.  It freaked me out.  Also I wasn’t a Christian at that point, so I assumed that anyone who did not call upon King Jesus was easy prey for the demons of the day.

I was scared so much.  I don’t remember sleeping that night.  But the next day I was fine.

Being scared reminds me of spiritual warfare.  I don’t see demons on a regular basis but I know that they are all around us working.  But so are angels.  All I’m saying is that scary movies make me realize the depravity and sin that is so rampant in the world.

Halloween is also one of my favorite holidays because tons of people come over to our house and we can get to chat for a little bit and possibly hand out flyers so we can invite them to our church. I have read recently that this is the only time of year where non-Christians will come to a saved person’s house.  That is cool.  Not just because I think I have a lot of hope to share but because I can start a relationship with someone that could have eternal consequences.

Halloween excites me.  Not just because I like to be scared.  But because I like the opportunities that trick or treating presents to me and my friends.

What kind of ritual do you have for Halloween?


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