small = great

Running through my veins is a desire to do something great.  Something unheard of.  Yet I seem to not have the time.

This is a common excuse among people of my generation and I just want to plead with you to stop.  Nothing is stopping you except yourself.  Let me say that again –

Nothing is stopping you except yourself.

I have huge urges that I want to see come about for my church, my family, and my life.  Yet I know how busy things can get.

So I am making a vow for 2011 to take small steps every single day toward the goals I want to accomplish.

I’ll go first:

3 things for me:

  1. Build up a community of people who want to see worship lived out practically through social networking and in our city.
  2. Record an album that reflects the heart of our church.
  3. Write a book. (I don’t have a specific topic yet but I have been trying to write about what interests me and come to find out, this is most things.  My book would likely be a collection of essays.  Pray for my focus).

Now, let me ask you, what dreams are on your heart yet not on your horizon?