I’m sorry but there are things to come

I have not kept up with my blog at all the past few months.  For those who have stuck with me, thanks.  I am truly sorry for not sharing my story with the world.

I will be writing much, much more frequently in the coming days and months.  I would appreciate it very much if you would keeping coming back to check it out.

I have been honestly trying to find my little niche on the internet.  What are the things that I wish to be saying the most?  What stirs my soul?  What must I continue promoting with my life?  I am constantly hearing that bloggers should write about the things that make them passionate.  They should write about one thing and do that thing really well.

I am here to say that I can’t do that.  I can’t just write about one thing.  I’m not built like that.  I am passionate about so many things.  So I have decided to narrow down what this blog will be about to just a few things.

Here they are:

  1. Worship/Arts – This area will cover all of the things that relate to leading worship, what worship for the church should look like, how my church is experiencing God in our unique setting.  This area will also explore some of the theories that I have on the arts and how they can be related to worship in a service.   We will also cover some examples of other churches and how they do worship.  I would love to turn this into a podcast or maybe at least something that hosts interviews with worship leaders from around the world.
  2. The Church/Leadership – This area will be the one that covers any leadership principles that I cover (which will likely be rare since I know so little and there is already so much out there) and more importantly, the area of the church and how it is truly the hope of the world.  This area of the blog will likely take a back seat to many of the other areas since I am a lowly man in a small church in a small section of our city.
  3. My family/ experiences – This area will be my favorite.  I will likely try and only write about my family only once or twice a week unless it has direct relation to another area of the blog.  I love my family more than they, I, or you will ever know and I will write about them only as I deem appropriate.
  4. Books/reviews– Since I read 100 books last year, this area is clearly very important to me.   I continue to receive books every month and will write about them and share them with you in a better fashion. Last year, I simply read the books and did a little bit of recap of them.  Now I am going to begin reviewing them more often for you to decide whether you wish to read them or not.
  5. Music/links – I am constantly finding new music and some fun links that I wish to share with everyone and in the past, very rarely did I share them.  Now I wish to change all that and let you know what is inspiring me and encouraging me.

From now on, I will hit these areas quite regularly.  I hope that you will continue this journey with me because honestly, I feel like I have a lot to say and truly wish to build a community that encourages, strengthens, and communicates the truth that we all need to know and live out more faithfully.

I pray that this blog will inspire you to find more creative endeavors and more life-changing paths.


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