finding my #1 thing

In this day and age, there are so many experiences that one can have.  But which should we choose?  Over the past few months, I have been reminded of all that I am good at and of all that I would love to pursue.

Yet I don’t think God is calling me to pursue it all.  He is calling me to pursue a very few limited things.  Those things are still being worked out in my mind, but I know that music is probably the most prominent one for me.

You see, I have been playing music since 6th grade, when I started playing trumpet.  I have played almost every day of my life since then and I am continually trying to do more.  Yet I have lost the discipline of practicing.  Of furthering myself each day to be better and to do more.  I have become complacent and don’t spend as much time on music as I should.

So I have made getting back into the swing of things musically my #1 goal for 2011.  Writing.  Rehearsing.  Learning new instruments.  Jamming with others.  Discovering new music and artists.  And I am so excited about it.

You see, I can’t do many things well.  And that’s okay.  I can play music.  So I will start there.

Where should you start?  What is obviously your best gifting?


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