the way you look at God

If found sitting in Barnes & Noble, you can catch all kinds of people.  Reading all kinds of books.  Searching through all kinds of magazines.  Studying all kinds of subjects.  Talking to all kinds of people doing the same.

This is fascinating to me.  It always has been.  What makes each one tick?  What sparks them to do the things that they do?

We are all searching for something.

I am here to tell you a truth that I can’t seem to get out of my mind.
The way we look at God is the way we live our lives.

That’s so simple, isn’t it?  The way we view Him is the way we go about our lives.  Its why we do what we do.

If we view God as generous, we will be generous.
If we view God as spiteful and hateful toward certain types of people, we will be hateful and spiteful too.
If we view God as not there or nonexistent, we will live as if we alone matter.
For the way we see God is the way we live our lives.

Ask yourself right now: What am I doing with my life?  And how does that make my God look?   If you get to your core views of God, you will become completely wrecked and challenged.  I am doing this type of searching right now and I am coming up with some crazy reasons for why I do the things I do.

And this search is not ultimately about who you are and what you do but about who He is and what He did.

Our God is glorious and we don’t live like it.  We have a small and inaccurate view of God.  Therefore, look at your life and see what kind of picture of God you are painting for the world around you.

There are all kinds of people here in B&N and they all believe very drastically different things about God.  But if you examine their lives, you will find that the way they look at God is the way they live their lives.  Some are generous.  Some are stingy.  Some are kind.  Others are kind to only those they like.  Some are always procrastinating for that last minute assignment because they view their God as not worthy of preparation.  Some don’t care about God.  Some care too much about what others think.  But for each of them,

the way they look at God is the way they live their life.


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