Did you know that Greensboro has the 69th highest population in the United States? I had no idea until recently praying for our city.

As those who know me are aware, it is a huge passion of mine to see God do wonders in our city.  There are almost 300,000 people in our city.  Most of which have not yet been to church.  Most have not yet gotten to know our Saviour.  Most have never set foot in a church.  I would guess that about 200,000 people in our city do not or will not go to church.

We feel that it is our job as 24/7, and as Christians, to reach them however God calls us to.

Last night, the elders at 24/7 met and I was just struck with how much passion they have and how much they desire to reach people in this city.  I serve on a great team.  And I am blessed to be a part of this ministry.

Yet I am realizing how little we can do by ourselves.  24/7’s desire is to see people pouring their lives out for God to see a city redeemed.  And yet, we can’t do this by ourselves.  If 24/7 had 5,000 people on a Sunday morning, we would be seen as a success, but there would still be 200,000 people in our city (just Greensboro) that will not have heard the message of Christ.  That is not success to me.  That is a utter failure.

I don’t want to grow our church through people transferring to it.  That’s not my heart.  I would love to have more sold out Christians joining our mission but only if they know that our church doesn’t exist for them.  It exists to reach and redeem this city.

So today, I’m praying for all the churches in our city.  Will you join me?  Please leave a comment with your prayer and what God is doing in your church.  I sincerely would love to know.
This post was first sparked by pastor Jay Hardwick on this post.


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