4.24.11 (Easter) set list

Yesterday was an amazing day for our church.  We had the most people we have had yet (100+) and we were able to celebrate the Resurrection.  This is something that I am just starting to understand.  He rose from the dead.  That’s crazy.  Let it saturate your every thought this week.  But the same power that rose Him can raise you from your sin and disouragement.  Let us continue to proclaim His resurrection.  Without this, nothing else would have mattered.

We also had some salvations, rededications, and people singing out to our God like never before.  We are in that stage of breakthrough we have been praying for.

Also, our youth were leading the charge for heaven’s gates yesterday.  All the great awakenings begin with the young people of our churches.  They are not the future of our church.  They are our church.  They will continue to lead the charge.

Here was our set list:

Your Grace is enough – Chris Tomlin
Our God – Chris Tomlin
Mighty to save – Hillsong
How he loves/Set a fire/How great is our God – John Mark McMillan, Will Reagan, Chris Tomlin

Ready now – Desperation Band

We also introduced a new element that we are going to be doing more and more of.  VIDEOS!!! (we are behind in the learning curve, I guess.)

Here was this week’s video:




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