The other day I was playing video games with some friends and it made me miss college.  Like desperately.  For some reason, I couldn’t quite figure it out at the time.

But I believe I understand that longing more now.

I simply wanted to have more camaraderie in my life.  Like the constant kind.  The type that is always there.  Like Joey and Chandler on Friends.  They were able to hang out all the time.  Some might call them lazy and I would mostly agree but part of me wants that more than any job.  I simply want to always be there for my friends and now for my wife and family.  I don’t want to let any job get in the way of my family.

While playing some Black Ops on the xbox 360, I was caught up in the times where I would be able to spend hours with friends in a dorm room or living room playing music, video games, or simply watching a movie or just hanging out.  Those were some great times.

I rejoiced to have graduated and I don’t want to go back to school but it makes me long for the times that I could spend hours and hours with friends in a place of gathering.  There were no worries because we were just sharing life.  It makes me think of the early church.  They gathered to hang out and share love, life, and Jesus.

That’s what I want more and more of each day.



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