Set List 5.15.11

We actually did some “old-school” songs this week and honestly, I was surprised at how much our church responded.  Granted, we do have a diversity of ages at our church (it is still odd to me that God would bring and trust our young leadership team with people older than some of our parents. But we are very excited about what it is to come through the lives that are continuing to be changed).

Here was our set list this past Sunday:

Your grace is enough – Chris Tomlin
Days of Elijah/Holy is the Lord – Robin Mark/Chris Tomlin
Majesty/Awesome God – Delirious?/Rich Mullins

Amazing Grace (my chains are gone) – Chris Tomlin

The songs were done in a fresh way and we simply encouraged our congregation to sing out and they responded with voices lifting up to heaven (which is, in case you haven’t noticed, a worship leader’s dream day).

Tim also did a great job speaking on the subject of worry.  We had a little bit of technical difficulties with the message, but it will be up on the 24/7 website soon.



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