Father’s Day

I am a big fan of yesterday.  Not every yesterday.  But yesterday, because it was Father’s Day.  Its probably because I am a new father of an almost 10-month-old-son.  Also, because my wife did a fantastic job of showering me with presents.  Her parents helped out a lot too.  I got a new watch (haven’t had one since like 2000), a new grill (never had one), new shoes (much needed because my previous ones had no laces, soles, or anything else that resembled comfort).  I also had a great lunch with some really close friends who are becoming even more close and was able to relax at home and take a Sunday afternoon nap and read some and watch a movie.  I even got to play some cards with my niece.  By the way, she destroyed me at both War and Go Fish.

Just so you know, I am not writing this to show you how great I am or how great my life is (but I am blessed).  But I just want to say that it is great to have a day where you are encouraged and shown love specifically for who you are and not really what you do.  We all need moments like this.

Moments where we are shown love not for what we do but for who we are.
Moments where your wife/family/husband/etc.. say let’s do what you want today.
Moments where you are not expected to do anything but just chill.
Moments where we are simply appreciated.

So thanks to my family for such a wonderful day and life.  But also thanks to a wonderful dad who has shown me so much grace and lov and laughter while growing up.

Also, please check out this post by Michael Hyatt about everything you ever wanted to know about Father’s Day.  Great read and very interesting.


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