this moment (my Ebenezer)

I have struggled with depression over the years but not in the sense that I have taken medication and been driven out of my mind with this struggle.  There are simply some days where I didn’t really want to get up in the morning.

Not so the past few years.  I have a beautiful wife.  An amazing son.  A great dog.  And a great church family.  And I’m growing every single day (not as fast as I would like but still making strides towards more and more of His grace and mercy).

As we were praying this evening as a family (which we do every night and is the highlight of my day), I was just struck with how far God has brought me.  He has truly given me life and joy.

Life and joy don’t always go together but at this point in my life, I have more joy than ever before and God is really bringing me to a place of the abundant life.  It is such a privilege to see God working and I am continuing to be astonished by all that He is doing in our midst.

But the strange thing is that my wife and I are going through a tough time at the moment.  There is no sin taking over our lives but we are at a point of transition and it is scary.  Terrifying to think that we won’t make it through this when in actuality, God is just forcing us to rely on Him more and more each day.

Its the place of fear that leads us to trust.  And I was so excited to see my Ebenezer rock (the place where God has brought me from) this evening and remember that I can trust God’s faithfulness in the future because He’s proven Himself so strong and worthy of our trust in the past.

What are you going through at this moment and how can I pray for and encourage you?


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