mowing the lawn = spiritual growth

The past few weeks that I have mowed the lawn, God has used it to strengthen me and encourage me.

I read a post this week by my friend, Evan, and I agree with him that mowing the lawn should become an essential element of people’s lives.  There are simply so many things you can learn.

It is essential because it gives you:

  • time alone
  • a moment to focus on what is going on in your life
  • reflective period
  • time to just sweat out the stress
  • an experience to look back on & see that you accomplished something
  • exercise
  • and so much more

(Just so you know, I am not really a good list person because I got bored halfway through that and there’s like 7 things on the list.)

I have found that mowing the lawn is becoming more and more strategic in my walk with Christ.  The other day I was praying that God would bring my wife another kid to watch at her in-home-daycare and then like a half hour later, another confirms and they are going to start a lot sooner than expected.  (I’m not saying mowing the lawn answered the prayer but just that it gave me time to focus during my busy life).

So let me ask you:  What things do you do to get away and reflect?  If nothing comes to mind, read the Gospels and check out how many times Jesus gets away from the crowds to spend time in reflection with His Father?


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