let go and let God

Let’s just say that I am worn out.  Completely drained from this past weekend.

You see, I led my 1st youth retreat for my church, 24/7, and it went really well.  But I am drained.  And it’s been 2 days since it stopped.

I am drained because not only was I in charge of keeping all the youth from doing something stupid but I sincerely felt the weight of what was going on.  I felt God’s presence coursing through my veins and it is mind-boggling to think about it.  But I was holding on too much.  I was trying to hold onto God and dictate to Him what He should do.

And then God just completely broke me of it by allowing me to get too much sun at the water park and then I simply had no energy to try to control.  And I felt that He moved more.

You see, I have this tendency, and I know that some of you do as well, to try and tell God how to do things.  I tend to not allow as much space for Him to work as He needs.  In fact, I usually just need to show up and He will move despite my actions.

It’s amazing how He works and I am so fortunate to be a part of a group of people who are forcing me to learn to let go and to let God.  Its cliche, I know.  But it is a truth that I can’t keep to myself anymore.  God needs very little from us to move.  And most times, we simply get bogged down by plans we have for Him and then miss what He has for us.  This should not be.  We should simply allow Him to dictate what He wants to do and then go do it.

Perry Noble said that leadership is really only listening to God and doing what He says.  That’s it.  I love that because it is so different from how I live most of the time.  But I am convicted that it is exactly how God wants me to go forward.

So where do you need to let go and let God take over the control?  After all, He is sovereign and you’re just enjoying the ride.


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