Nowitzki style

This quote has been making its way in circles I run in but I just want to post it here in case you haven’t heard it.

“Do you need a championship to validate your place among the greatest players of all time?”  Dan Patrick in a recent Sports Illustrated

“I don’t really consider myself as one of the greats of all time.” – Dirk Nowitzki

That’s humility.  And that’s why he won the NBA Finals.  I was honestly going for the Heat in the Finals (and they are my team on NBA 2k11) but they couldn’t keep up against Nowitzki.  They lost heart.  Probably because they thought they earned it.

Never think you’ve earned something because then you’ll never be worthy of keeping it.

God hates those who pride themselves on what they have.  He is always after the heart of the humble.

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