exponential growth

Spiderman does preach the truth:  With power comes responsibility.  But its also true that with responsibility comes power.

Looking over the past year has proved quite difficult.  Not because I had a bad year.  But simply because I had a full year.  I have become drained after looking through what I have learned and experienced. You see, the last year has entailed Harrison’s 1st birthday, me getting a new job, helping to start another church, being a youth pastor for the first time, leading a full band of musicians and recruiting for that, and many, many more things that have stretched me completely.

I say all of that to say that I love my life.  I truly do.  But I also want to point out that I truly believe that when people are given responsibility, they step up to it.  And in fact, it might be the case that we only truly step up to the level of responsibility that we are given.

This leads me to believe that I, as a leader, should be accepting more and more responsibility at all times because I will be stretched to the breaking point and grow that much more exponentially.

But the more important thing I’m learning is that I am doing a disservice to those I work alongside of if I don’t give them responsibility.  If they are just force fed things in their lives, then they will always need to be fed.  But as we all know, children need to learn to feed themselves and not always rely on their parents.

Here’s something that might come as a shock to you:  I honestly don’t want Harrison to live with me till he’s 30.  Because I want him to go out and live a life that is more complete and in tune with God than mine can ever hope to be.  But if I shelter him, nothing will come of it.  He’ll always rely on me and my wife.  Vickie and I are determined to break Harrison of that in order for him to live more fully.

So my question to you is this:  Who in your life is not being given responsibility and where do they stand in terms of maturity?  Because it is our job to give them that responsibility and then to see that they step up to it and grow exponentially.


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