Set List 9.4.11

We had a great service at 24/7 this week with a good friend, David Lambert, speaking.  His message will be up on our podcast and our website in the coming days.

It was also a great service because we had a dance and a drama in our worship time.  We have not had one of those in our services yet and David has actually been doing a great job leading this new ministry.  And you can tell that he is passionate about it.  (That is what I love about David’s heart.  He is one of the most passionate people that I have ever encountered.)

This week we also started the service with our very own version (techno-style) of Everything Glorious by David Crowder.  And I believe it truly was done in a fresh way.

Here was our set list:

Everything Glorious

Here is our King – David Crowder
Divine Romance – Phil Wickham
Beautiful the Blood – Fee
Before the Throne – Shane & Shane version

God who answers prayer – Elevation Worship

What songs did you sing at your church this past weekend?
What songs should I be listening to that you have enjoyed or have been inspired by?


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