Over the past couple of weeks I have been jealous of my wife.  You see, she got an iPhone.

I have always wanted one (well for 3 years or so – we live in a fast moving society these days, can you blame me?) but never did want to pay the $30 data plan fee.  However, about a year ago, the wife and I decided to get Droids (they were buy one get one free while said iPhone was not) and we decided to get the data plan (had to, actually, stupid monopoly that the cell phone company has).  And my Droid was unbelievably bad after the first few months.

It didn’t help that I dropped it and may have accidentally thrown it across the room.  But then we replaced it (free of charge) and I got a new Droid. This one did well for exactly 1 month.  And then the touch screen stopped working.  Then I threw it down in anger.  Touch screen has now cracked and anger has reached high levels.

To replace it would have been $100.00 which I was not going to pay for a phone that I had already paid a couple hundred for.  Needless to say, I switched to a used phone that my sister-in-law sent to me.  It works.  Sort of.

But its not an iPhone.

My wife’s phone messed up (first time actually and her touch screen went haywire also).  We discussed it and I said that she could get an iPhone if I could get one too in the near future.  She was ready for an upgrade but I wasn’t (still don’t really understand this since we both got Droids on the same day).  Her new iPhone was a $100 or so and mine was going to be like $700.

I still don’t have an iPhone.  But my wife does.  I love her.  But I want her iPhone.

This is how jealousy works.  I am sometimes at the point (in my mind alone) where I want my iPhone more than my wife.  Jealousy has taken over the love I have for her.  Some would call this envy or covetousness or an idol.  I don’t really care what those people say.  I just want the iPhone.

All of this is because she can play Angry Birds or Doodle Jump in Outback while I am sitting there in frustration having to watch a stupid non-important preseason NFL game (did I mention I was sulking?).  I wish I wasn’t jealous but I think the only way to get over it is for me to get an iPhone.

What do you think the key to overcoming jealousy is?


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