Things I’m Loving (9.24.11)

  1. At the top of my list is my new iPhone.  Wow, utterly amazing.  Why did I ever have a Droid?  Goodness, this phone is awesome.
  2. NFL football is going great thus far.  My fantasy team is only 50/50.  I am so happy the Panthers are now competitive.  Just wish Cam Newton could get that well deserved W.


  1. The super simple secret to great ideas.  Jon Acuff hits it out of the park with this conflicting post about being quiet to be creative.
  2. Troy is dead.  Mark is dead.  God is sad.  Carlos Whittaker is the best blogger on the planet.  He always encourages, challenges, and redirects my life.  This post hit me especially since a man who is presumed to be innocent died this past week.
  3. My top ten worship songs.  Speaking of Carlos, he and a few of his friends are writing about their favorite worship songs.  I really love these. Mine are (as far as my memory serves me currently) (in no particular order) From the Inside Out, Did you feel the mountains tremble, Heart of Worship, Jesus Paid it all, Nothing but the blood (Matt Redman), Facedown, Divine Romance, Salvation is Here, How Great is our God, and How he loves.


  1. Writing down the Bones was a great book that truly inspired me to be me in writing.
  2. IV by Chuck Klosterman is quickly becoming one of my favorite books.  I am not really into heavy metal or music writing that much but I will read anything that Klosterman writes.  He’s my new Malcolm Gladwell.
  3. The King Jesus Gospel really hammered down what the gospel story is truly about.  We need to stop taking Jesus out of his natural context (that of a Jewish man) and place him back in that story in order to truly see all that He did and had to say.
  4. The Eleventh Day was a great book about 9/11 and how and why it came to be.  Great read that fulfilled my crazy curiousity.  Very well researched and thorough.  I wish they were going to make a documentary that went just as much in depth.


  1. Vickie and I watched Bridesmaids the other day and it is pretty hilarious.  Really raunchy but funny.  I don’t recommend for everyone (most Christians) but a great laugh.
  2. We are still watching Cheers and we are currently in season 4 and still loving it.  Great, great show.  I would give Season 3 a 4 out of 5 stars.  Season 2 would be 4 out of 5 also.
  3. I watched the Office this past week and I love that Andy is the new boss to replace Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and think he is definitely the best choice.  I also love the dynamics between James Spader’s character, Robert California, and everyone he encounters.  It was so funny to see Stanley have a recurring joke in the show (“shove it up your butts”).
  4. Modern Family had a great premiere and it was easy to see why it won so many Emmys last week.
  5. We even watched the new show Whitney.  It was good but it made me think that it was more for women.  And I’m not one so I am not sure how long I’ll continue to watch.
  6. I have other shows I wish to watch but either don’t have the time or probably shouldn’t watch them.  Here those are:  Breaking Bad (just got on Netflix Instant), Mad Men (can’t see what is so amazing about this show but love it and I’ve only seen 3 episodes), the Wire (probably simply because both Michael’s former boss and new wife on the Office came from it but also because I’ve heard it is amazing), Chuck, Psych, Glee (we’ve only season 1 and want to watch the current ones.  When is season 2 going to release on Netflix instant?), and the Sopranos.

What inspired you this week?  What should I be reading on a blog or a book and what should I be watching?


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