the precipice of a revolution

There are so many things to discuss on this here blog and I can only begin to tell you how excited I am for those things to take place.  God is about to do some amazing things in the lives of the people of 24/7 Church.  We are on the precipice of a revolution and revival.

I am not sure why I see this so clearly right now but God is aligning the stars for something big and let me just say that He is starting with me.  He is starting in me and its going to work through me.  But I want you to realize that its not just through me, or else I would boast in myself.

He’s about to do something through our pastor, through our small groups, prayer group, bible studies, and through so many more people who are beginning to be involved in the life of our church.

I’ve realized that God always does something in us before He does something through us and I am very excited to see this happen.

We, as a leadership team, are working through what it means to disciple.  Because without discipleship, we simply have people who make a one-time decision and have nowhere to go.  This should not be the case and I pray that we won’t commit the Great Omission (as Dallas Willard so eloquently wrote about in his book of that name).  In a new role that I feel God is calling me to, I am working through what it means to truly disciple in 21st century Greensboro, NC.

What does a true Christian look like?  What kind of knowledge do they have?  How would one pray like that?  How would one serve like that?  How would one spread the gospel and evangelize in our town?

In essence, this is simply a new way of phrasing what would Jesus do in this place and in this time.

I chose the word precipice because I love the definition of it (“A very steep rock face or cliff, typically a tall one”).  We have a cliff before us and I simply want to ask you, are you willing to take that leap?

Are you willing to jump off the mountain that you have built for yourself and enter the freedom that can only come from jumping?

Let’s take a leap and see what God does.


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