Day 1 of 100

As a church, 24/7 is doing a Bible reading plan that you can find here on Newspring Church’s website.  As leaders, we have just felt God leading us to take the church into building on the foundation of the Word.  This is where He speaks most clearly and it is also where we saw what He has done throughout history and what He wants to do through us.  Prayer can only do so much but prayer through the Word can change your life and wreck it for His glory.

So as a way to assist those of you who will join with us in this 100 day period or who would just like to see my thoughts, I am going to be writing a post about each day.  Just to warn you, these thoughts might not be in paragraph form and might just be points that I make throughout the passage.  The format will probably vary but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Welcome to Day 1.

Genesis 1:1-2:25 (ESV)

  • In the beginning, before all things, the Spirit of God was in the midst of it all.  No one can say that the Holy Spirit wasn’t in the Old Testament (OT) because you can clearly see Him there in the beginning.
  • There is a phrase that keeps repeating in chapter 1 “God said” and then shortly followed by “it was so.”  God is a completer.  He’s an executor.  He finishes what He starts.  Isaiah said that God’s word will not come back void but will bring to fruition that which it began.
  • Another phrase to notice is “and God saw that it was good.”  God created only good.  Let’s remember that evil is the corruption of good.
  • Notice in 1:11-13 on day 3 that God causes the earth to be fruitful.  God not only sustains us in Himself but God gives us the power to continue to be fruitful and sustained.
  • I’ve always remember that Rob Bell said its funny that people hold so strictly to the literal 6-day creation (& judge & condemn those who think differently) when the sun and moon weren’t created until day 4.
  • Another phrase that keeps appearing is “according to their kinds”.  This thought makes me think that I should stick to the things that God made for us.  Work inside the box that God has already made.  Stay who you are and don’t try to copy others.
  • Finally after everything else God made, He made man “in His image” (1:26).  God gave man dominion over everything.  We are in charge now.  But let’s be humble about it and not hoard everything for ourselves.
  • Chapter 1 is a very general account of creation whereas Genesis 2 gets more specific.
  • God gave 2 specific plans for man: 1) be fruitful and multiply, and 2) Do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  It makes me believe that those two things are tied together.
  • 2:19 – “Whatever the man called every living creature, that was its name.”  God had the power to create.  Man had the power to title and to classify.  Very interesting thoughts can come from this.  But notice that what Adam said, it was so.  Just like God in calling forth creation.
  • God saw that Adam needed a suitable helper so He made Eve and as soon as Adam saw here, he rejoiced and said the 1st love poem (2:23).  He probably sang it Marvin Gaye-style or Barry White.
  • Then Scripture says that “a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife.”  (Adam & Eve had no parents so this is a weird thing to read).  And then “they shall become one flesh.”  One signifies unity together.  When we marry, we must be one.
  • After all this, Scripture points out that Adam & Eve were naked and were not ashamed.  They could possibly have been so focused on each other that they weren’t looking to themselves.

That’s all for Day 1.  I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.  What are your thoughts as you read?

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