Set List 2.12.12

As we continue our series titled Unstoppable at 24/7, we are focusing more and more on the vision that God wants to do extraordinary things through us.  He is making us unstoppable and if we trust in Him, we can do all things.

As for the set list this week, we went a little old school and pulled out some of the favorites.  It was a very challenging week because a couple of people on our team came down with the flu and our drummer, Trevor, was off training in the military.  We have a great team and it truly shows when they can’t make it due to illness and opportunities elsewhere but we pulled through and I felt a spirit of worship in God’s place.

Forever – Chris Tomlin
Your grace is enough – Tomlin
Mighty to save – Hillsong
All I need is You – Hillsong
All I want is You – Planetshakers

One last thought.  At the end of the 1st song, I was adjusting my mic and it fell off.  Then as I was trying to pick that up, I stepped on my guitar cord and it got yanked out from ol’ Buford (trying out names for my electric).  It was embarrassing nonetheless but God just simply pointed out to me that He is in charge and we don’t need to act like we have control.  He has all things in His hand.  It was great to lead the church in that thought through explaining all that I was thinking.


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