Day 3 of 100

I missed posting this so here is yesterday’s post on Genesis 6:5-7:24.

Welcome to Day 3 of reading God’s word together.  My church, 24/7 is reading this plan together.  Why don’t you join us?  Here is a link to the reading plan.

This section starts by telling us that God was sorry He made man.  What a downer that is to begin with.  God was upset but He found favor with Noah (6:8).  It is actually awesome that Scripture points out that Noah was blameless and that He walked with God.  These correlate so much.  God wants us to walk as He walked.

As I read 6:13, I couldn’t help but think what was going through Noah’s head when God said He was going to destroy all flesh?  That is not something to gloss over and I couldn’t fathom what that meant to Noah.  What are your thoughts?

Noah fulfilled every commandment that God had (the size of the ark, including all animals on the boat, the type of food which he was to bring, etc…).  It is important to note that God calls us to full obedience, not a partial obedience.  What is He telling you that you have yet to obey Him on?

Noah took 7 pairs of every animal that God wanted.  In 7 days, 40 days & nights of rain would come.  Did it take 7 days for Noah to build the ark because there is no pause or break in that Scripture (7:1-5).  Noah was 600 years old when the floods came. Noah put his 3 sons and their 3 wives on the boat with him and his wife.  These numbers are very important and it shows that this is an accurate reading of the past.  A lot of times in ancient history, it says things like a lot of people were saved from …..  But this passage gives specific numbers, which is very unusual for ancient history.

7:19 says that the waters were so high that the tallest mountains were covered.  Think on that for a little bit.  Water covered the earth so much that they couldn’t even see Mt. Everest.  No valleys were able to be seen and all was covered with water.

“Everything on the dry land in whose nostrils was the breath of life died.”  A very hard verse to read with your thoughts on all that that means.  Everything died.  Because of sin.  Because of perfection that God calls us to.  But I have a question from this verse, did fish die?  Fish don’t live on dry land so were they included with the death?  If not, how come God didn’t include them in the curse?  Just a thought to think through.  I have no real answers for this but I was just curious what you thought.

Every living thing except the 8 people and the animals with them died.  The waters were there for 150 days.  Why did it last that long if all things could die well before that period ended?

The passage on the flood is so interesting to me and I can’t wait to have explained to me all the implications of that when I meet Him face-to-face.

What are some questions you may have?

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