Day 4 of 100

Day 4 is upon us.  24/7 is doing this 1oo Bible reading plan that I would love for join along with.  Here is a link to the Bible reading plan.

Genesis 8:1-9:17

I wonder what it was like to be stuck in the ark for that year.  It must have been really crammed and probably quite boring.  Noah had to have gone and cleaned up the mess that the animals made a number of times.  I bet it was not the most enjoyable experience being stuck in the ark sloshing around because of the massive amounts of water.  I bet Noah was anxious to get out.

The Bible notes that the wind was what caused the water to subside.  Where did the water go, is my question?  It makes me think about the Grand Canyon and how it could have been caused by this great flood.

First Noah sent out a raven and it didn’t come back so he then sent out a dove.  Why did he switch birds?  After the 2nd time going out, the dove brought back an olive leaf.  I bet Noah was getting more antsy and ready to go.  Then he sent the dove out again after a week, and it didn’t come back so they came out of the ark.  That last week was probably the hardest.

In 8:20-22, Noah built an altar and offered a sacrifice to the Lord from every type of animal with him.  He used some of everything he had gave it to God.  Think about this:  Noah knew these animals pretty well.  He was stuck in a boat with them for a year!!  That was a worthy sacrifice to God because Noah had to kill some of the animals that I am sure he loved.  But God blessed him because of it.  It was a sweet aroma to the Lord.

God made the promise that He wouldn’t curse the ground again.  Then God gave Noah the same command He gave Adam: “Be fruitful and multiply.” (9:1).  This is awesome because God was giving earth and its people a second chance.  He didn’t wipe them out completely but saved them ultimately.

Right after He tells them to be fruitful and multiply, God makes a covenant with Noah (and all of creation) to never again “cut off all flesh by the waters of the flood”.  Then God gives the rainbow as a sign of that covenant.

There are so many interesting things here.  But what sticks out to you?

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