Day 7 of 100

Genesis 15:1-21

It’s awesome that God tells Abram that He would bless him with tons of children when he had none.  There weren’t even any kids on the horizon for him and Sarai.  This would have been unthinkable and also probably pretty frustrating.  Yet he still followed God and trusted Him.

The best thing is that God starts the vision by saying “Fear no…for I am your shield.” (15:1).

In v. 6, Abram believed (before seeing) & that God “counted it to him as righteousness.”  Romans 4 references this passage also.  But God wants us to believe without seeing.  Jesus calls those who do that blessed.

In v. 7, God reminds Abram that He was the one who brought him to where he was that day.  It wasn’t by Abram’s initiative or plan that got him to where he was.  God led him there.  This is so true for my life because many times I tend to blame God when He was not the one who lead me down my sinful paths.  But when I follow what He wants for me, I tend to put the victory on me and say that I had planned it all along.  Very humbling to see this in Scripture.

Verses 8-15 are really interesting because they talk about unique sacrifices and a darkness that falls over Abram.  I look forward to reading a commentary on this and find out more about this because it interests me.  Call me a nerd.

At the end of the chapter, God makes His covenant with Abram to give him the specific land He made for them (v. 18-21).  It is interesting to note that God made the covenant with him and his descendants.  We must remember that our decisions affect not just us but those who come after us as well.


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