Day 9 of 100

Genesis 27:1 – 28:22

This chapter is a fast-forward to Isaac at old age.  This section starts off with Esau (Isaac’s oldest son) to go hunting and cook up a great meal so that he can bless Esau.

Isaac’s wife, Rebekah, overhears this and tries to get Isaac to bless Jacob instead but he will not have it.  Rebekah then convinces Jacob to steal Esau’s rightful blessing, since he is the first born.  The whole time I was reading this, Jerry Springer’s kept popping up in my head.

It was interesting to me that Isaac just couldn’t curse Jacob for what he did and then bless Esau since it was his birthright anyways.  This is because their words were a lot more powerful than ours are today.  I want my word to be that true and impenetrable like a stone.

In 28:6-9, it sounds like Esau went against Isaac’s wishes and marries a Canaanite out of anger.  (I could be reading this wrong though).  Going forward in 28:10-22, Jacob has a dream about angels ascending and descending on a ladder to heaven.  I wonder what the interpretation of this would be to the rabbis throughout history.

At this time, Jacob also vows to tithe (literally, a tenth of his earnings) (v. 22) out of everything he’s been given.

Bethel = house of God.

This is such an interesting passage that I am not even sure how to have a practical question.  But what did you get most out of this passage?


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