Day 10 of 100

We are 10% of the way through this plan and I am definitely being blessed because of it.  What has been your favorite passage thus far?

Genesis 32:1 – 33:20

Jacob goes up to meet Esau (after all their issues) and because of his betrayal, Jacob is scared.  I picture my little dog  Kate trembling after we get home to find that she had peed on our carpet.

Jacob was scared because Esau had 400 men with him.  He is so scared that he divides up his people into 2 camps (32:6-8).  He then prays to God about saving him from certain death at Esau’s hand (32:9-12).  He then sends a ton of gifts (mainly animals & servants) to appease Esau so he wouldn’t kill him (32:13-21).  The Bible makes sure we know that Jacob stayed at his camp that night and did not venture out from there.

Jacob then gathers his family and brings them to another place.  I would imagine it was for their safety (32:22-26).  In v. 24, it says that Jacob was alone and wrestled a man that night until dawn.  My question is: was that a literal fight?  It is funny that v. 25 mentions that Jacob was winning so the other man puts Jacob’s hip out of join by touching the socket.  Not a fair fight, if you ask me.  But in v. 26, it points out that Jacob held him until he blessed him.  That’s so interesting to me.

Jacob then gets a new name, Israel (32:27-28).  He then names the place Peniel which means “face of God” (32:30).  Jacob fought throughout the night, was then blessed, and then chapter 33 starts with him seeing Esau and his 400 men coming toward him (33:1).

And what does Esau do?

He runs towards him to meet him (33:4).  This must be the picture that people got when Jesus told the story first about the prodigal son.  Esau was betrayed by Jacob and yet runs to greet him and rejoice that he was him again.

Then Jacob becomes a true servant (out of his gratitude) doing all he can for Esau.  This section (33:5-20) notes that Esau is doing all he can to help his brother out but Jacob refuses and wants to go at his own pace and not be a burden to his brother.  Then while Esau has moved ahead, Jacob builds an altar to the Lord declaring He is the God of Israel.

What a great passage.  Who do you need to restore a relationship with in your life?  Or someone who has been out of your life for so long you don’t even know where to begin?


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