Where you wanna be

I have a picture on my phone that says,  “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.”

This picture says a lot about who we are to be.  The thing that you keep coming back to is the thing that you need to be focusing on.  Have you been thinking about being in ministry for 5 years or more?  Have you talked about becoming a cop?  Have you sat at home wishing you had a better life?

Well, spend some time thinking through what drives you.  What motivates you and brings you the most joy.

Then, go and do that thing.  Find a way to make money at it.  Sustain your passions and live them out fully.

Going from where you are to where you want to be is a hard task and it is one that is worth spending time on.  I have found that the people who get to where they want to go, do 2 things:

1) They figure out where they are.
2) They figure out where they want to be.

That is it.  This is the principle of life that eludes most people and you can do something about it today.  Spend some time thinking through your calling in life.  Whether it be playing music, writing a book, working in a homeless shelter, being a stay-at-home mom or any number of other things.  Find out what you love and go do it.

Figuring out who you are meant to be is a living out of your passions.  We aren’t called to do things we hate or aren’t good at.  I used to want to be a youth pastor and thought I would be good at it but God ripped that desire out of my heart because He showed me that that was a good thing but He wanted me to have a better thing.  And although, it was hard at the time, God has ultimately brought me to a level of deeper passion and desire.  God had to remove me from that position in order to see that He had a different place for me that came forth from the passions that have been in me all along.

That is my hope and prayer for you.  So here is my homework for you today:

Go find what you most love.
Find a way to keep doing it. (Hint: you’ll probably have to make some money at it in order to sustain the time you put into it).
Do it to the best of your ability more and more each day.
Learn from others wherever you are.


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