Set List 2.26.12

This past week we had a smaller group because our electric guitarists is actually on a container boat traveling from LA to New Zealand to fulfill God’s calling on His life to write a book.  We also had a sick female singer so we just had an acoustic guitar, piano, and drums.  I was a little shocked and relieved that it sounded so good.

Here was our set list:
We are free – Matt Redman
Dancing Generation – Matt Redman
What Joy – Generation Church
Came to my rescue – Hillsong

Abba – Jonathan David Helser

Here were some of my notes from Tim’s message that is up on our website here.

Tim focused on Acts 2:42-47 and it was one of the best messages I have heard on the subject of community.

  • “You will never accomplish what God wants for you with the wrong people.”
  • “You cannot grow if you’re not intimately involved with a church.”
  • “Community is not just about confrontation but also about encouragement.”
  • “Things need to see the light before they come to healing.”
  • “I want to have faith like a child where I obey on the spot.”
  • “They accepted people not for who they would become but for who they were at that moment.”
  • “In my community, I don’t want the self-righteous but the hungry.”
  • “When you get an appetite for God, you can’t help but see growth.”
  • “When we worship and live like true Christians, we’ll see growth.”

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